Product Development

Product development is a very important process for our company, so we are always investigating and trying new products and techniques. It is of course depending on the progress but we will try to bring at least two new products each year that are innovative to the market.

Many of our products are protected by international patents so our partners have a certain exclusivity in their own market. A patent product gives the product an additional added value but it also shows that we are able to develop new innovations.
On request we develop products with our partners so together we can bring an new inovative item onto the market. If we develop a product together we will keep it exclusive for an agreed amount of time to the partner that made the request.
Once a product is developed we will apply for safety regulation reports. It depends on the product what kind of reports are needed but most common are the child safety regulations for our decals, transfers and paints and the cosmetic regulations for our body paints, stencils and glue. All products we develop are tested according to EU and US laws.