Our services

Service 1

For most of our products it is possible the adjust the technical specifications. This way the product will be as the client is requesting so it does fit their needs with the line of products they already have or so it will have a better purpose for the concept they have in mind.

Service 2

Communications is important so our clients know what the status is of their request, orders or shipments. It is our company policy we reply on any email we receive within 12 hours so clients know when we did not reply within that time the email did never reached us.

Service 3

Some of our products needs assistance when it comes to the digital designs we receive from our clients studio. We will guide your design team as much as possible and even make screen casts to explain the adjustments that need to be made.

Service 4

Our company is a graphic company so we work with software like Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop. Our customers are able to send their designs by WeTransfer, DropBox or their FTP server. Once we received the designs we always will check them on the technical specifications we need to make the product.

Service 5

We work close with our clients and we see them more as being a partner. Many of our partners do have ideas and request we join them in a new product development. We are always open to discuss such ideas and opportunities.

Service 6

It is required we follow the international safety regulations according the laws of the EU and US so our products are safe and can be sold in the world. We work very close with our suppliers when it comes to the raw materials we use. Once a new product is developed they are tested by companies such as Delphic, InterTek or SGS.