In 1984 Anneke van Heijningen started as one of the first woman in The Netherlands a textile- and screen printing company. She was not a real stranger in the Graphic Industry as her husband, Dirk-Jan van Heijningen did worked as a graphic technical developer for the French company Mecanorma that made LetterPress decals together with Letraset.

After her two sons, Kjeld and Sven, graduated from school they joined the company each running their own part of the business. Kjeld did focus on textile screen printing and Sven on graphics and design.

The company did grow and after 20 years it was one of the biggest textile printing companies in The Netherlands. Printing textile became more important than graphic printing because of the digital revolution however not everything is possible when it comes to digital printing. To give more focus on the graphic part of their business a strategic move had to be made. Sven decided he had to leave the textile printing part of the business so he could focus on the graphic part.

By making that choice he knew he had to find and develop new products that could not be made with a digital printer or by traditional printing methods. With the help of his father, Dirk-Jan van Heijningen, who had the knowledge and experience as being a product developer they created their first new product together, the flex stencil, in the garage of his house.

Because the computers took over the traditional LetterPress decals in the professional graphic industry there was a big amount of stock at Mecanorma that could not be sold in the market. Sven had the idea to sell those products into the craft industry. With just 2 of these products Sven started ProCraft in 2004.

In a very short time the company did grow and did add more decal and stencil products to its range. After 2 years ProCraft was serving all kinds of international customers such as wholesalers, distributors, importers, chain stores, DIY, mass markets and TV channels in more than 4 countries.

More customers came with request to produce products in Asia because of better prices and at the same time give the guarantee to protect their copyrights and intellectual properties. To maintain the quality of the products it was important to find people that are used to work with details and are familiar with screen printing methods. Sven knew that Thailand was famous for its high quality screen prints on ceramics so he went there to explore the opportunities. In 2008 ProCraft opened their first office and production in Thailand.

Today Procraft works from 2 locations in The Netherlands and 2 locations in Thailand and has a wide range of agents, distributors and customers in more than 14 countries.

The focus of the business twisted a little from making hobby and craft products into making “creative products” which is similar but not the same. Today products that ProCraft makes can be found in DIY, Home Decoration, Cosmetic, Party, Office, Stationary and Promotional markets.